Dedicated Software Development Teams

Outsource to an autonomous team of IT experts

Dedicated Software Development Teams

A Dedicated Team of IT Specialists that Delivers Technology Solutions and Value


Our dedicated development team seamlessly integrates into your business structure, and operates just like your in-house team but without administrative complexities and with much lower operational cost. The dedicated team works autonomously, but communicates and reports status as often as required. All our team members are bilingual and very experienced in their field. Applying the highest skilled engineers through the dedicated team approach, our dedicated teams can start delivering technology solutions almost immediately since they are formed quickly from our vast talent pool.

Benefits of Dedicated Team

Quick Start

Teams are assembled as fast as possible, usually within two weeks.


Less expensive option than hiring an in-house team. No infrastructure costs. No hidden fees.

Focused on Target

Team is dedicated exclusively to the project at hand.

Top-Level Talent

Our hiring process ensures immediate access to the best IT professionals on the market.

Scalable & Flexible

Continuous development for improved flexibility. Team can be rapidly scaled up or down, depending on your current project needs.

Transparent Workflow

Client has full control over the development process and coordinate with project manager and other key team members.

Dedicated Development Team Structure

When you hire an autonomously-managed dedicated team, you hire the services of skilled software engineers and other IT professionals. To tackle a project as per your requirements and following the most efficient strategies a team needs a complete structure. Dedicated team usually includes key roles that lead the project to successful completion:

Backend engineers
Experts that are responsible for building the structure and business logic of a software application.
Frontend engineers
Responsible for developing user interface elements and functionality.
DevOps engineers
Professionals that coordinate development, operations, and testing efforts of the development team; introduce processes, tools, and methodologies to balance needs throughout the software development life cycle.
QA engineers
Professionals that monitor every phase of the software development life cycle, implementing strategies for quality management and testing making sure that the product adheres to the highest industry standards.
UX/UI designers
Responsible for making the interaction between real human users and products and services (such as websites or apps) intuitive, simple, and engaging.
Business analysts
Responsible for bridging the gap between IT team and the business, assessing processes, determining requirements and producing data-driven recommendations for stakeholders.
Project managers
Professionals that play the lead role in planning, designing, executing, monitoring, and controlling the entire development process.

This structure may look different for your project because we customize our dedicated teams to accommodate your unique business needs.

Dedicated Team Setup Process

To ensure our dedicated team has the experience and expertise you need for success of your project we follow a setup process that includes the following steps:

We get in touch with you to define your project’s scope, determine a team size, and decide on most suitable tools and technologies.
We select and interview top tech engineers from our talent pool who are the best fit for your project.
We match you with our project manager, a group of selected software developers, and any other roles your project might need.
You review and approve individual candidates to become team members, or we can do this for you.
We build the roadmap for your project, and set up the team within 2-3 weeks.

Ready to start your project?

Ready to start your project?