About Us

American software development company driven by offshore talent

About Us

Brief History


In 2015, a group of motivated entrepreneurs and software engineers recognized the growing demand for engineering talent in the IT services market. They decided to join forces and create a new project with a purpose of establishing a connection between largely untapped tech talent in Eastern Europe and the US market. Eastern Europe is flourishing with technological education and innovation and serves as a great source for experienced bilingual software engineers. Today, VOBLA is a flexible and efficient company based in New York City that can successfully deliver software solutions and various offshore IT services.

7 +
Years of Experience
90 +
Successful Projects
300 %
Workforce Growth
Languages Spoken
350 +
Developers to Choose From
75 %
Client Retention Rate

Why Choose VOBLA?

Without a doubt, you can rely on our vast pool of talented Software Developers. We created a rigorous selection process to recruit only the most experienced Software Engineers in Eastern Europe. We embrace open-source software and utilize the latest technologies. Our dedicated development teams consist of all the required resources needed to plan, build, and maintain high-performance software applications, from frontend and backend development to infrastructure management.


Highly Skilled Developers


Certified Engineers


Fluent in English


Excellent Communication Skills


7+ Years of Experience


Cost Effective Services

Our Values


Cultural And Geographical Diversity

We bring together exceptional IT professionals from different countries and all walks of life. Each of us is a unique individual and, at the same time, a member of one close-knit family scattered around the planet. We are open, respectful, and we value the opinion of others.

Continuous Improvement And Efficiency

We constantly learn and keep up with the latest tech trends to get things done in the smartest way for our clients. All team members contribute to continuously improving the product and the implementation, regardless of their roles, seniority, and expertise. We learn and grow together.

The Client is Always Our Priority

Our goal is to be useful to our clients and their business. For us, the client’s needs are always our priority. We make sure our work results bring success to our clients.

Trust and Transparency

We build trust with our clients and teams — the foundation of a successful relationship. We stay clear about our goals and motivations and value honesty and transparency.

We Care About Our Client's Time

Time is money, so we don’t waste it. We spend every minute for the benefit of our clients and the team. We take into account the priorities and urgency of the tasks to make sure every action brings us closer to the goals of the project. We notify stakeholders in advance about possible overlaps or delays and offer possible solutions to minimize lost time.

IT Staff Augmentation

We provide the speed and flexibility your team needs to scale quickly and efficiently. We will bring you the workers with the exact expertise and qualities you require so you can enjoy all the staff augmentation benefits that are intrinsic to this model.

Development Outsourcing

From smart customization of existing platforms to full-cycle custom solutions, software outsourcing allows organizations to develop reliable high-quality software products in a cost-efficient way.

Dedicated Teams

Our dedicated development team seamlessly integrates into your business structure, and operates just like your in-house team but without administrative complexities and with much lower operational cost.